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Steve Menzies, Founder and Chairman

For Steve Menzies, there is an easy commerce between his leadership in the corporate world and his dedicated philanthropy. A lifelong entrepreneur, Steve’s achievements include the creation of Applied Underwriters in 1994, today a global risk services firm that helps governments, businesses and people manage uncertainty through its business services, insurance, reinsurance, and investment solutions. Among its accomplishments, Applied created a top rated nationwide group of insurers providing tens of thousands of employers and their hundreds of thousands of employees with coverage to become the only such specialist ever to achieve an A+ financial rating. Between 2006 and 2019 Steve was partners with Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway. Having then taken Applied private again in 2019, Steve in 2020 centered all of Applied’s growing global insurance business into Applied Global and its growing merchant banking activity into Credit Global (see

Dedicated to positive social outcomes and serious corporate responsibility, Steve has been cited repeatedly for his care for injured workers, for setting high safety standards in the workplace, and giving business owners a financial benefit for their observance of best practices. In 2003, Steve was the first CEO to establish a direct-to-claimant pharmacy within his company to monitor the prescription, provision, and use of opioids for injured claimants, recognizing the opioid crisis a decade long before it became a national epidemic.


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