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JAN 16, 2023

Taylor Dudley’s Release from Russian Detention Credited to Steve Menzies, Gov. Bill Richardson Action

News stories across the world and nation including CNN and ABC TV cite key role played by Applied Underwriters’ Chairman and former Governor

Steve Menzies and Taylor Dudley
Steve Menzies, Founder and Chairman of the Steve Menzies Global Foundation, welcomes home Taylor Dudley, freed from Russia, at the Washington, D.C. press conference on January 13, 2023.

Taylor Dudley Landed
Steve Menzies, Founder and Chairman of the Steve Menzies Global Foundation, brings home Taylor Dudley who takes his first step onto US soil in New York on January 12, 2023 after having been detained in Russia for over eight months.

Omaha, Nebraska -- Monday, January 16, 2023 -- As the plight of US citizen and Navy veteran Taylor Dudley, detained since April 2022 by Russian authorities, increased to a level of grave concern for all Americans, the Steve Menzies Global Foundation ( intervened and effected his rescue and safe return on Thursday, January 12th at the Bagrationovsk-Bezledy border crossing between Poland and Russia.

News reports on ABC TV (link here), on CNN (link here) and at the Washington press conference (link here) presented upon arrival back in the US underlined the work of the Foundation, its leader, and the team assembled for this important, humanitarian “win.” Citing Steve Menzies, Chairman of the Foundation and of Applied Underwriters, former New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, and the entire team of medical, operations, and security staff who traveled to the Russian border, the reports noted that careful negotiations and concerted teamwork resulted in the return of Taylor Dudley.

According to Steve Menzies, who funded and helped blueprint and direct the multi-faceted effort including prior negotiations which took place in Moscow, it was a highly motivated team effort: “The fate of Taylor Dudley was an intolerable nightmare for him, for his family, and for every American. Our team consisted of Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico, Mickey Bergman from the Richardson Center for Global Engagement, and, I am pleased to say, the 20 plus operational and administrative staff provided by the Steve Menzies Global Foundation who all pulled together to get this accomplished as cleanly and neatly as possible. We worked hard right up to the transition at the Poland-Russia border. The delicacy of these efforts cannot be overemphasized, requiring the concentration and tireless stamina of all the participants. In this effort, and every effort, where American citizens are held hostage for whatever reasons, we are compelled as individuals who believe in the important, unique meaning of US citizenship, to act to secure their freedom. We believe that freedom is the basic premise of our shared citizenship and we must act to secure it and protect its value with no political concern or interests, as we did with the release of Brittney Griner and other recent interventions in Afghanistan and elsewhere. We trust that all of our fellow citizens will share in our great satisfaction at Taylor’s release, and join us in offering him a warm welcome home.”

Mr. Jeffrey Silver, Esq., Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Applied Underwriters, expressed the great pride felt by the Company’s professionals over its Chairman’s bold accomplishments: “It is not the first time that Steve has acted decisively to gain freedom for our fellow citizens; he has traveled to meet face to face with all manner of dictators, hostile officials and seemingly implacable parties to see this noble, patriotic work done. The Steve Menzies Global Foundation provided the necessary financial, operational, and logistical support, including the medical staff, medical supplies, pilots, security, air and ground transportation, and lodging involved in the negotiations in Moscow leading up to Taylor Dudley’s release and his transfer home yesterday, but the drive and the masterminding of this operation illustrate Steve’s dedication to citizen diplomacy and direct, personal involvement in critical situations. This is a proud moment for us all at Applied and for all Americans who value freedom as we do. We applaud Steve Menzies, Gov. Bill Richardson, and the entire team.”

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The Steve Menzies Global Foundation is a non-profit organization that takes a creative, constructive view to solving grand scale problems related to societal issues, economic issues and intellectual advancement. The Foundation engages Bold Thinkers from its worldwide network of individuals willing to apply and generously share their energy, intellect and resources to solve complex problems that risk going unsolved.

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The Richardson Center negotiates for the release of American prisoners and hostages held in hostile regimes or in countries with strained diplomatic relations. It works on behalf of the families and at no cost to them. The Richardson Center is greatly appreciative of its partners, including many private individuals and foundations who support and enable its work as a non-for-profit.

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