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JAN 19, 2022

QBE Lawsuits against Former Individual Employees and against Applied Underwriters, their New Employer, Termed “Meritless” by Applied’s General Counsel

Individuals who left QBE’s Aviation sector for Applied’s rapidly developing business specialty lines practice are targeted by QBE in “sour grapes” suit

Omaha, Nebraska -- January 19, 2022 -- Mr. Jeffrey Silver, Esq., Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Applied Underwriters, today issued the following statement in response to lawsuits filed by Australian insurer QBE against four Applied employees, formerly among QBE’s 11,000 plus employees, and against Applied itself for hiring them:

“This lawsuit is plainly meritless and intends simply to use the actions against former employees – individuals – to try to accomplish with a nuisance suit what they could not accomplish with investment in the sector and with an effective marketing approach. The individuals named who had worked at QBE, the giant Australian insurance company, elected to move to Applied Underwriters of their own volition to fully develop their business specialty using Applied’s resources.

“It should be noted that to an extent, insurance professionals depend upon commissions earned through sales. The hiring process in question happened in September 2021, more than 90 days ago, making QBE’s claim of purportedly irreparable harm seem to be a litigation tactic far more than a demonstrable fact.

“When the staff members of QBE moved to join our Company and pursue their work in the aviation field with us, it was their decision as professionals. While we welcomed them with open arms and have since seen their choice translated into a successful aviation operation, how they arrived at their decision to move from QBE, what their plans were before moving, how they communicated those plans, what the covenants were that each had in place, who their prospects were specifically, if any, and their feelings about working at QBE were all the personal business of the employees who opted for change. We did not seek, did not receive, nor do we need any of QBE’s confidential information.

“For our part, we acted ethically and openly to engage these interested insurance professionals, but not as any kind of specific move on our part against QBE. In fact, Applied enjoys a reputation as a great place to work, having received awards and accords in 2021 and in prior years for its employment practices which has made us an attractive option for professionals seeking growth and meaningful support. We are not sure how employees of insurance companies taking such a tactic against individuals – their peers – will feel about the institution, but it is not the kind of action that boosts morale or compensates for lost revenues readily; in fact, it might have the opposite effect.

“Our aggressive approach to new business has proved profitable for many experienced risk sector leaders across the globe, who make up the growing Applied faculty of top insurance professionals. So, while it is easy to understand the emotional impact and some of the potential financial effects of losing staff members, we believe that this matter is not lawsuit-worthy, and is waged without real merit against these men and women who are free to set their own destinies and to earn as much as possible through their talents generously rewarded when richly applied.”

QBE Petition as filed in New York Supreme Court
QBE Summons as filed in New York Supreme Court

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