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SEP 12, 2023

Applied Underwriters sets Insurtech-Based Introductions for Q4, as Company Advances Life and Health Analytics and Delivery Systems with Predictability Breakthroughs

Innovative, scientific approaches in evaluating health and mortality, and high-tech enhancements in securing best options in healthcare mark the Company’s plans

Omaha, Nebraska -- Tuesday, September 12, 2023 -- Using advanced life science breakthroughs and sophisticated software technologies, Applied Underwriters today announced that it will introduce two important insurtech-based products in the fourth quarter for its life and health companies, Album Life Assurance and EOS, giving independent agents and brokers major market advantages.

According to Steve Menzies, Chairman of Applied Underwriters, Album Life Assurance is fulfilling its mission of using the latest discoveries in life sciences and biotechnology to enhance the underwriting of valuable, personalized life insurance. “Having the best range of technological advances and the acumen to translate them into actual underwriting to the advantage of consumers gives Album Life Assurance policyholders flexibilities and capabilities not seen in conventional life insurance,” he stated, adding: “Our partners at Health Outlook are one of the most astute scientific groups in the nation, and the first to apply breakthrough findings in the predictability of human life and health, enabling us to approach pricing policies with new creativity and the utmost credibility, starting with our term life products and eventually moving into other areas.”

EOS, Applied’s health care access facility and technology platform, will make available to a limited number of producers the force of a sophisticated evaluation resource that will review, in real time, every credible Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plan offered in the marketplace, match it to a buyer’s circumstances, and then recommend the optimal, most cost-effective plan together with the economics involved, ultimately providing the option to instantly bind coverage—a substantial benefit for seniors.

Mr. Jamie Sahara, President of Applied Underwriters, pointed out that Medicare decisions are complicated and can be daunting since the marketplace in every state is large and growing: “Independent agents and brokers who strive so hard to provide the best to their clients have a formidable ally in EOS. Now, the sophisticated EOS engine with its interconnectivity to all credible providers brings a new system of access to every available program and matches a client’s needs and circumstances to the best options, which they can instantly purchase. EOS is the first complete product of its kind: it’s a gamechanger that can effectively navigate the giant marketplace,” he stated.

Mr. Menzies explained that while ongoing work continues to refine each of these platforms, they will become accessible in the fourth quarter: “We expect to be rolling out in Q4, and eventually be at full throttle late in 2024, and, as in the case of our Album Life Assurance initiative, we believe that we will be defining what is state of the art with each of our refinements. Our insurtech innovations are truly advantageous applications for the consumer.”

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About Applied Underwriters (
Applied Underwriters® is a global risk services firm that helps businesses and people manage uncertainty through its business services, insurance and reinsurance solutions. As a company, Applied Underwriters has been distinguished by its innovative approaches to client care and by its strong financial strength. Applied Underwriters operates widely throughout the US, UK, EU and Middle East. Its operational headquarters is located in Omaha, Nebraska.

About Album Life Assurance (
Album Life Assurance is a managing general underwriter that will offer a suite of insurance products that value and respect the human individual, their privacy and their own ideas of happiness. Through a partnership based on the strong financial strength of Applied Underwriters and the advanced proteomic-based algorithms developed by Health Outlook, and the power of its combined operational, research and development capabilities, Album Life will develop better ways to use science and technology to form valuable, personalized longevity assessments, allowing it to look at each of its customers as a real, unique human being.

About EOS (
EOS, a division of Applied Underwriters, is a software platform that independent agents and brokers can white label and provide to their clients to arrange their Medicare needs, better understand Medicare, review their current plans and receive unbiased plan recommendations based on their specific requirements and preferences.

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